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1. Relating to or having the nature of an explosion.
2. Tending to explode.
1. A substance, especially a prepared chemical, that explodes or causes explosion.
2. Linguistics A plosive.

ex·plo′sive·ly adv.
ex·plo′sive·ness n.
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Adv.1.explosively - suddenly and rapidly; "the population in Central America is growing explosively"
2.explosively - in an explosive manner; "the political situation in Kashmir and Jammu is explosively unstable"


[ɪksˈpləʊsɪvlɪ] ADV
1. (lit) sodium reacts explosively with waterel sodio reacciona con el agua produciendo una explosión, el sodio explota en contacto con el agua
2. (fig)
2.1. (= angrily) "shut up!" - she said explosively-¡cállate! -explotó
2.2. (= by leaps and bounds) the number of customers has grown explosivelyel número de clientes ha crecido vertiginosamente


(lit) react, eruptexplosiv
(fig) growexplosionsartig; say, askwütend; laughschallend; his dance is explosively energeticer tanzt mit einer explosionsartigen Energie
References in classic literature ?
Then would come the rhythm--a clapping of hands; the beating of a stick upon a log; the example of one that leaped with repetitions; or the chanting of one that uttered, explosively and regularly, with inflection that rose and fell, "A-bang, a-bang
I suppose you've heard that blackguard has deserted her," he cried explosively.
Bertie cried explosively, like a diver suddenly regaining breath.
Smythe, however, made no allusion to the ultimate ground of their antagonism, but said simply and explosively, "Has Miss Hope seen that thing on the window?
I'll tell you what you think," he said explosively, but not raising his voice.
I smiled at him gently, and as if encouraged or provoked, he completed his thought rather explosively.
Initially, Ambreen's husband, Zubair, had claimed that his wife had suffered the burn injuries due to gas explosively combusting in a gas cylinder.
Episode two is like a pressure cooker quietly bubbling away as it builds to a final act that is every bit as explosively jaw-dropping.
Then he released "Control,'' featuring an explosively competitive verse from Kendrick Lamar that overshadowed his own and has become the talk of hip-hop.
The three defendants, Jason Ceulemans, 40, from Lecky Road, Damien Harkin, 47, from Westland Avenue and 48-year-old Neil Hegarty, from Sackville Court, are charged with conspiring to cause an explosion with an explosively formed projectile last December 6.
This Pro Haul industry has grown explosively since the advent of the Internet.
vehicle was damaged as an Explosively Formed Penetrator (EFP) was remotely detonated targeting a U.

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