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1. Relating to or having the nature of an explosion.
2. Tending to explode.
1. A substance, especially a prepared chemical, that explodes or causes explosion.
2. Linguistics A plosive.

ex·plo′sive·ly adv.
ex·plo′sive·ness n.


[ikˈspləʊzɪvnɪs] Ncarácter m explosivo
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MANILA -- Returning import Denzel Bowles scored 31 points and that explosiveness on the offensive end showed why Purefoods brought him back for a third run at a championship.
However, Barnes lacks the explosiveness needed to play effectively on defense in the NBA.
Throw in the bum knee that has robbed tough-guy Kenyon Martin of his explosiveness and pressured brittle Marcus Camby to bring the hammer every night, and already one of the most promising young teams in the league faces questions.
Wakeham, "Improving Speed, Power, and Explosiveness," Maximize Your Training, (Brzycla, M.
It will be calm versus explosiveness, as suggested by the announced weapons.
It is a highly anticipated bout because of Morales' popularity and the downright explosiveness of Pacquiao, whose big claim to fame is an 11th- round knockout of Marco Antonio Barrera in November 2003.
The two primary objectives of the Redskins' strength-training program are to prevent injuries and to enhance the players' strength, speed, power, and explosiveness.
A loose stitch last month had caused swelling and a setback in Westbrook's recovery but he appeared to have the speed and explosiveness that made him a threat in past seasons.
He wanted Grootegoed closer to the action, where his unexpected explosiveness and almost intuitive sense of where the ball is could best be utilized.
Bob Christina, renowned Motor Learning expert, states, "It is the neurological intent to raise a weight fast that is the key to developing explosiveness, not that the implement itself is lifted fast.
He's been fine and the explosiveness will come as we go along.
The trademark explosiveness also has returned to his game in recent days.

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