exponential curve

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Noun1.exponential curve - a graph of an exponential function
graph, graphical record - a visual representation of the relations between certain quantities plotted with reference to a set of axes
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Solar production has been on an exponential curve for 30 years, but you can now see the burgeoning impact.
However, there was interaction between diet and calculation method, so when the calculation was done by the exponential curve of chrome dispersion in the rumen fluid the amount of rumen Liquid was greater in the concentrate containing diet than in the forage diet.
Dilutions with [10.sup.7], [10.sup.6], [10.sup.5] cfu/mL show very well differentiated growth curves: absence of growth in the sample with target bacteria and an exponential curve in the negative control.
Now back home in Austin, there will inevitably be more videos, as she tries to keep ahead of the exponential curve of the wellness trend.
When the investigators plotted annual drug overdose mortality over that 38-year period, they saw a smooth upward exponential curve with a doubling time of about 9 years.
"Nonetheless, when we plot the annual sum of all drug overdoses, we get a remarkably smooth, inexorable exponential curve."
Operations have followed an exponential curve in the last three years, however, with the millionth mile reached in June 2015 and the three millionth mile in June 2017.
With an exponential curve of Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) against Years, the Years would have to stretch to infinity to define a truly everlasting lightbulb, instead of the 10,000 hours MTBF we enjoy at present.
It's those who live in societies - mostly in North America and Western Europe - that see material consumption as a paramount virtue, and who insist that their economies deliver more of it each year, on an exponential curve, regardless of the consequences.
Unlike an exponential curve, whose linear slope is a constant multiple of 'T', the slope of this "power-law" distribution curve varies with the number (n) of the trials.
Leonhard explains that the pivot point is an inflection point of an exponential curve in many fields of science and technology; now we are moving at "warp speed" toward a blend of hell and heaven that he labels "HellVen." Even if Moore's law eventually ceases to apply as far as microchips are concerned, many fields of technology, from communications to artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning, are still likely to grow at least exponentially and with combinatorial effects--the changes reinforcing one another.