exponential equation

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Noun1.exponential equation - an equation involving exponential functions of a variable
equation - a mathematical statement that two expressions are equal
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Using the exponential equation previously selected (I)
In the HCM 2010, a negative exponential regression model equation is used to model the roundabout entry capacity with inherent weaknesses, for example, choosing a negative exponential equation based on gap-acceptance theory to define the roundabout entry capacity.
The forecasting equation of GM(1, 1) is essentially a homogeneous exponential equation, which can only perfectly simulate the time series with a steady growth rate.
In addition, this author also expanded this exponential equation in order to use it in all the measurement range of the device, substituting both linear equations, which is the reason why such model was also used to adjust the equations of the tested current meters, in order to compare it with the linear model.
In this paper to change IGBT duty cycle, an exponential equation is used.
In above exponential equation: m and n are coefficients dependent on the characteristics of the porous medium and the fluid.
In quantitative methods, a seemingly different application of the exponential equation appears in the form of the queuing or 'arrival' problem.
By using the triple exponential equation (4), Wu et al.
Clearly, (3) has no constant term because it is a homogeneous exponential equation.
Given the precision of this fit, the exponential equation was used to predict the likely annual production of gas for a possible new well and as the basis for the financial analysis that follows.