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Noun1.export duty - a duty imposed on exports
tariff, duty - a government tax on imports or exports; "they signed a treaty to lower duties on trade between their countries"
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Dad was cut up when he learned that the French charged an export duty on copra--he called it medieval-- but he liked the land.
While replying to comments passed by the Ministry of Commerce on the draft note issued to the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA), the Steel Ministry, has made its case for continuing a 30% export duty.
At that price, the export duty calculated using the new formula would be $3,300/t vs $2,600/t under the old approach - a difference of $700/t (27%).
Export duty on nickel will be set on a quarterly basis.
The discrepancy with our number was due to lower-than-expected export duty to the CIS (gas sales are reported on a net basis).
This morning Kommersant reported, that the Economy Ministry is looking to impose an export duty on rolled steel products, including HRC and CRC, after local car producers recently complained about rising steel prices.
According to data of Interfax-AFI the export duty for oil in RF might form 274-277 USD per ton from September 1, 2010.
Announcement of no potash export duty boosts valuations
It is also possible that a similar formula will be adopted for Caspian oil produced by LUKOIL, which is now subject to the standard export duty.
Oil export duty from Russia might be reduced from July 1 2010 by 14.
The minister assured that the decree also includes the continuation of the imposed export duty on sand, which is EGP 100 per tonne, pointing to the stability of annual exports of sand ranging from 950,00 tonnes to 1.
Refined edible oil (refined, bleached and diodised or RBD) import into India started increasing thereafter, following export duty levy by the governments of Indonesia and Malaysia, which made import of crude palm oil (CPO) costlier than refined oil.

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