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 (ĭk-spôrt′, ĕk′spôrt′)
v. ex·port·ed, ex·port·ing, ex·ports
1. To send or transport (a commodity, for example) abroad, especially for trade or sale.
2. To cause the spread of (an idea, for example) in another part of the world; transmit.
3. Computers
a. To send (data) from one program to another: "You'll need to export your spreadsheet file into a desktop publishing program" (Jon Pepper).
b. To use an application to store (data) on disk, usually for use by another program.
To send or transport abroad merchandise, especially for sale or trade.
n. (ĕk′spôrt′)

[Middle English exsport, from Latin exportāre : ex-, ex- + portāre, to carry; see per- in Indo-European roots.]

ex·port′a·bil′i·ty n.
ex·port′a·ble adj.
ex·port′er n.
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Adj.1.exportable - suitable for export; "exportable cultural achievements"
unexportable - not suitable for export
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[eksˈpɔːtəbl] ADJexportable
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Increased production of high quality and quantity of exportable products is necessary to satisfy the needs of local and global consumers.
Government is trying by all means to fix priorities to increase production of milk, meat and poultry to meet rising domestic demand of ever increasing population and produce exportable surplus as well, he said.
A training programme on cultivation and primary processing of exportable medicinal plants was held at Naria in Shariatpur on Saturday.
A participant of the meeting told Dawn on condition of anonymity that although the meeting could not take a final decision on the issue of zero-rating of exportable products, it was emphasised that their sale in the local market should be taxed.
He further said that approved varieties including Bari-2000, Bard-479, Golden and Bari-2011 have extraordinary potential to give good quality of production which is exportable and give more financial benefits to the growers.
ISLAMABAD -- President of All Pakistan Industrialists and Businessmen Association, Anees Iqbal has said that a triangular country exhibition would be held in Baku, Azerbaijan from April 11 to 13 where Pakistan and Turkey will also showcase their exportable surplus.
They frequently complaint that Pakistan has no exportable surplus, that is true in a way, but if a competent trade officer with business development aptitude (a missing link between sales and marketing) from the private sector is appointed in the right host country, he or she can identify inventive solutions to solve the complex issue of export by keeping up spot-on liaison among all stakeholders for the market development of sustainable export.
Production of Kinnow during this year is expected to be around 2 million tonnes, however due to limited availability of best quality of exportable Kinnow, the export target has been reduced this year.
Exportable products "The Sultanate owns a number of local markets that have exportable products, and therefore, it is very important to raise awareness among these companies over the available opportunities throughout the international experience," Talib bin Saif Al Makhmari, Director General of Marketing and Media at Ithraa, said.
He said the industry has consumed the allocated volume of gas (185 MMCFD) in October in order to maximize production to generate exportable surplus upon the assurance of federal finance minister.