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 (ĭk-spôrt′, ĕk′spôrt′)
v. ex·port·ed, ex·port·ing, ex·ports
1. To send or transport (a commodity, for example) abroad, especially for trade or sale.
2. To cause the spread of (an idea, for example) in another part of the world; transmit.
3. Computers
a. To send (data) from one program to another: "You'll need to export your spreadsheet file into a desktop publishing program" (Jon Pepper).
b. To use an application to store (data) on disk, usually for use by another program.
To send or transport abroad merchandise, especially for sale or trade.
n. (ĕk′spôrt′)

[Middle English exsport, from Latin exportāre : ex-, ex- + portāre, to carry; see per- in Indo-European roots.]

ex·port′a·bil′i·ty n.
ex·port′a·ble adj.
ex·port′er n.
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Adj.1.exportable - suitable for export; "exportable cultural achievements"
unexportable - not suitable for export


[eksˈpɔːtəbl] ADJexportable


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The Federal Textile Board, in its follow up meeting with all stakeholders, had unanimously proposed various initiatives as a long-term policy to be announced at the earliest enabling requisite investment to generate exportable surplus and achieve additional $20 billion exports in the shortest time-frame to overcome the menace of growing trade deficit, the biggest economic challenge for the government.
The recent devaluation will help exportable products become competitive in the international market.
He lauded the role and contribution of PHMA in national export and said that our exportable items could defeat regional rivals in the international markets, if our exporters and manufacturers pay some attention on improving quality of items.
FAISLABAD -- Vice President of Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI), Ahmad Hassan on Thursday said that that China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will help in smooth flow of exportable surplus to the potential markets of this region.
Since the textile industry in Pakistan is no more cost effective, the international market is not responding to its exportable production, he said.
To be eligible for the Vintage Report Innovation Award presented by Bank of the West, projects must be used during the 2015 vintage (though they may have started earlier), and the techniques must be implemented in or be exportable to Napa Valley terroirs.
A travers cette mission, les entreprises tunisiennes interessees et ayant une offre exportable d'equipements pour les piscines, SPA et jardins vont beneficier d'une reduction exceptionnelle de 45% au niveau des tarifs de location d'espace d'exposition (100 euro/m[sup.
Though, Pakistan may have exporting potentials but in the fiscal year 2010-2011, the value of exportable was hardly $22.
Government (USG) and Exportable Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THD) Interceptors Plus Associated Equipment to the United Arab Emirates.
5% in the mid-term due to recovery in gold production, agriculture, trade, construction, especially if prices for main exportable products remain high, while economies of trade partners in the region will continue growing, IMF team leader Christian Beddies told reporters today in Bishkek.
Islamabad -- Agricultural experts have stressed the need for making Pesticide Residue Monitoring System operational in the country in order to control the indiscriminate use of pesticides on exportable horticulture as well as other national crops.
Del Monte is planning an investment of over $7 million in a processing plant in order to take advantage of the pineapple juice whose quality is not exportable, reports Elfinancierocr.