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v. ex·pos·tu·lat·ed, ex·pos·tu·lat·ing, ex·pos·tu·lates
To reason earnestly with someone in an effort to dissuade or correct; remonstrate. See Synonyms at object.
To say in protest; object: "[He] expostulated that they had every right to hold a street meeting" (Pierre Berton).

[Latin expostulāre, expostulāt- : ex-, intensive pref.; see ex- + postulāre, to demand; see prek- in Indo-European roots.]

ex·pos′tu·la′tion n.
ex·pos′tu·la′tor n.
ex·pos′tu·la·to′ry (-lə-tôr′ē), ex·pos′tu·la′tive adj.


formal expressing strong disagreement with someone
exˈpostuˌlatingly adv
References in classic literature ?
It then becomes apparent that the woman has taken possession of this knife, for safety's sake; for, she too starting up, and restraining and expostulating with him, the knife is visible in her dress, not in his, when they drowsily drop back, side by side.
But his affection took the rather uncouth form of expostulating with her about her work.
We'll send for the bird later," he told the landlady, who, still mildly expostulating as she followed them downstairs, failed to notice that the captain of the detectives had carelessly left the door to Daughtry's rooms ajar.
Linton took off the grey cloak of the dairy-maid which we had borrowed for our excursion, shaking her head and expostulating with her, I suppose: she was a young lady, and they made a distinction between her treatment and mine.
Most of the time I and other lawyers write letters criticizing or expostulating about various issues.
Inversely, one can imagine a different disappointed loan seeker expostulating, "How dare you
Bruce Riedel, a senior CIA advisor to three presidents, found it hard to follow neocon logic, expostulating that they seemed bent on recreating the (expletive deleted) Persian Safavid Empire.
Quite why anyone would be interested is beyond me, not when Fuimaono-Sapolu is expostulating on matters as varied and interesting as race relations, New Zealand politics and youth disengagement.
Instead of buying a drink at the bar and consuming it whilst having a laugh with your mates, expostulating about world peace and weighing up Town's chances for an extended cup run, those in search of an instant kick have paid four euros to use an oxy-shot machine.
Expostulating, confrontational, bull-headed, back-stabbing, mealy-mouthed, blind.
There is equally no doubt that a large body of thought and evidence exists that suggests he was not the person responsible, and one of those expostulating this view is Dr Jim Swires, whose daughter was a victim of the Lockerbie outrage.
More than four hundred years have passed since the day on which Giordano Bruno made his voice heard in the Sorbonne of Paris, expostulating his theories.