express emotion

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: emotion - give verbal or other expression to one's feelingsexpress emotion - give verbal or other expression to one's feelings
express joy, express mirth, laugh - produce laughter
weep, cry - shed tears because of sadness, rage, or pain; "She cried bitterly when she heard the news of his death"; "The girl in the wheelchair wept with frustration when she could not get up the stairs"
burst, erupt, break - force out or release suddenly and often violently something pent up; "break into tears"; "erupt in anger"
keen, lament - express grief verbally; "we lamented the death of the child"
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The linguistics professor, who lives in Conwy, is also looking at usage patterns behind the 'smileys' which are often used in texts, tweets and Facebook status updates to express emotion.
Researcher Dr Carol Emslie said: "There was the idea that if you've had a few drinks, it really helps you to express emotion.
Ofcom''s research found that callers were frustrated by the inability to interrupt, have "real time" conversations or express emotion.
He can express emotion with a gesture, a look or an eyebrow.
We--both human and non-human animals--communicate and express emotion through the face (244-5).
His polyvagal theory posits that bodily states and mental constructs interact with environmental triggers to create maladaptive behaviors, as the nervous system assesses risk and processes information from the environment through the senses and the neural regulation of the heart provides humans with the ability to express emotion, communicate, and regulate bodily and behavioral states in social situations.
It is my belief that the failure to integrate a sense of enchantment into our work, and the resistance of the green movement to express emotion and personal stories have led to greater marginalization.
Other songs have words; these are the more personal or poetic paintings; they tell a story or express emotion.
The color illustrations express emotion directly to young hearts, in this enthusiastically recommended introduction to Kabbalah spirituality.
He turns on his acting skills for a demonstration of his method, derived from Stanislavksy, of concentrating on one member of the audience to get the message across, and you see how powerfully he can express emotion.
A study of the relationship between delicate self-cutting, ability to express emotion, locus-of-control, impaired relationships, anxiety, and depression (self-mutilation) (Doctoral dissertation, California Institute of Integral Studies, 1989).
Watching televised funerals provides a chance for people to express emotion, or at least see others expressing [it]," Fulton explains.