express trust

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: trust - a trust created by the free and deliberate act of the parties involved (usually on the basis of written documentation)
trust - something (as property) held by one party (the trustee) for the benefit of another (the beneficiary); "he is the beneficiary of a generous trust set up by his father"
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Sabine Royalty Trust is an express trust and the Royalty Properties are the assets of the trust and constitute interests in gross production of oil, gas and other minerals free of the costs of production.
San Juan Basin Royalty Trust operates as an express trust in Texas.
Americans are less likely to express trust in the "men and women in political life in this country who either hold or are running for public office" than they are the American people, but this is also on the upswing.
The meeting passed a resolution to express trust in the leadership of Imran Khan and his decisions.
In the same survey period, 53 percent continue to express trust in him, compared to the 69 percent in the previous quarter.
An express trust is created by the actual intention of the person in whom the property is vested, as where A declares himself a trustee of Whiteacre for B, or conveys it to C on trust for B.
It may be that Cardinal Timothy Dolan, following the advice of counsel, simply set up an express trust for the cemetery funds.
An express trust is created by voluntary action by written document or, under some conditions, an oral statement.
Express Trust Accounts To protect client funds from QI bankruptcy, exchange funds are placed in express trust accounts.
A grantor or a beneficiary serving as a trustee of an express trust can not participate as a trustee in the exercise of the power to amend such express trust [EPTL section 11-1.
American Express Retirement Services provides investment management and record keeping services to large and mid-size company 401(k) plans, as well as workplace financial education programs through American Express Financial Advisors and American Express Trust Company.
An express trust, Cross Timbers Royalty operates as in the US.