express trust

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: trust - a trust created by the free and deliberate act of the parties involved (usually on the basis of written documentation)
trust - something (as property) held by one party (the trustee) for the benefit of another (the beneficiary); "he is the beneficiary of a generous trust set up by his father"
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Cross Timbers Royalty Trust operates as an express trust in the US.
An express trust, Permian Basin Royalty holds overriding royalty interests in various oil and gas properties in the US.
85% of Pinoys trust Rody Pulse Asia !-- -- Helen Flores (The Philippine Star) - July 18, 2019 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines Eighty-five percent of Filipinos continued to express trust in President Duterte and approved of his performance, Pulse Asia said in its second quarter survey.
QUETTA: Chief Minister Balochistan on Saturday chaired a meeting of Parliamentary group of coalition parties before post budget session in which all coalition partners have express trust on CM Jam Kamal.
announced Hugoton Royalty Trust, an express trust created under the laws of Texas pursuant to the Hugoton Royalty Trust Royalty Trust Indenture, has qualified to trade on the OTCQX(r) Best Market.
San Juan Basin Royalty Trust operates as an express trust in Texas.
Americans are less likely to express trust in the "men and women in political life in this country who either hold or are running for public office" than they are the American people, but this is also on the upswing.
The meeting passed a resolution to express trust in the leadership of Imran Khan and his decisions.
If you want your son to have the money in this account on your death you will have to write a letter declaring an "express trust", making it clear that the money is held on trust for you and your son as beneficial joint tenants.
In the same survey period, 53 percent continue to express trust in him, compared to the 69 percent in the previous quarter.
One may pause here to note that these are simply two different modes of creating the same type of trust: an express trust. An express trust does not require express words.
It may be that Cardinal Timothy Dolan, following the advice of counsel, simply set up an express trust for the cemetery funds.