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or Ex·pres·sion·ism  (ĭk-sprĕsh′ə-nĭz′əm)
A movement in the arts during the early 1900s that emphasized distortion of external reality in order to express the artist's subjective experience.

ex·pres′sion·ist n.
ex·pres′sion·is′tic adj.
ex·pres′sion·is′ti·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.expressionistic - of or relating to expressionism; "expressionist art"
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"Her visits at the Zwinger Museum in Dresden, as well as the personal friction of the artist with the Greek icon painting during her studies, contribute to the creation of a series of expressionistic portraits that raise the issue of the social ideal of beauty and individuality of every person.
Talking about her work, the organizer of the gallery Rana Amir said, 'Her natural freedom of expressions appears to be more mature and conceptual in the contemporary abstract expressionistic canvases.
The love story has already garnered huge critical acclaim, withIndieWireproclaiming that "Jenkins' follow-up to Moonlight also maintains his own expressionistic aesthetic, with its lush colors and entrancing faces that speak volumes in few words, resulting in a fascinating hybrid experience -- a seminal voice of the past merging with one of the present in a mesmerizing burst of creative passion."
The cold, calculating, confounding neo-noir thriller "Terminal" lavishes more attention on its visually enticing, retro production designs -- Kubrickian symmetry mixed with saturated colors adorning German Expressionistic angles -- than on its ultrathin characters starving for nutritious dialogue and a digestible plot.
In this way he progressed from the early expressionistic tabletop compositions to his explosive mature work.
Photo courtesy of Safarkhan Art Gallery Izzet's art career spans four decades of expressionistic, abstract and animal-themed paintings; and her work has been recognized and displayed in New York, Paris, Geneva, and Madrid.
This would enable the viewer to approach the work on levels other than the perception of it as essentially an "elegant," "tough," "expressionistic" solution to art-making problems.
Art Noor is the UAE based artist who paints abstract expressionistic canvases, with an extraordinary ability to explore the mystical and the sacred whilst finding the path to connect with the sublime.
Her style of sculpting is expressionistic. Her painting is fauvist, expressionistic and semi-abstract.
Some attachments are outlines of her designs as a fibre artist and instructor and the rest is the work of a visual artist, combining folk art, abstracts and expressionistic art.
Honeycutt says the screen printing techniques function as an expressionistic approach to creating t-shirt art.
But his true form is shown in his Arabesque and expressionistic pieces, particularly in watercolors; it's for this Kakayi is known and widely loved.