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tr.v. ex·pro·pri·at·ed, ex·pro·pri·at·ing, ex·pro·pri·ates
To take (a property) for public use.

[Medieval Latin expropriāre, expropriāt- : Latin ex-, ex- + Latin propriāre, to appropriate (from proprius, one's own; see proper).]

ex·pro′pri·a′tion n.
ex·pro′pri·a′tor n.
ex·pro′pri·a·to′ry (-ə-tôr′ē) adj.
References in classic literature ?
Calvin, who were themselves farmers long since expropriated, captured the farmers and threw their political strength away in a vain campaign.
So far, 42,000 hectares had been expropriated there by means of the Natural Disaster Law.
Those plots were located within the boundaries of the Duqm Port project and expropriated in the public interest as per royal decree No 85/2006.
Contract award: t1 tram bobigny - val de fontenay - master of urban and social mission work for the relocation of expropriated - 20149300061.
She said: "He just thinks he can buy Scottish votes with money expropriated from London.
This emerged when current Interior Minister Socrates Hasikos discovered that in fact the expropriated land was never slated for development, because the subsoil at the site was not suitable for building homes.
Al-Ghalib said that payments worth an estimated SR30 billion are yet to be made to the owners of lands which were expropriated for expansion projects.
11, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Stockholm District Court today dismissed the Russian Federation's jurisdictional challenge to a previous arbitration ruling that ordered Russia to compensate a group of Spanish investors for the losses they suffered when the government expropriated the Yukos Oil Company, one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world.
Faraj Saleh pointing at his land expropriated by the government in Al-Huthaili district, northeast of Sana'a.
The government must follow the law as to what land may be expropriated and must observe the procedures set out in the legislation that generally serve to protect the private landowner.
5bn (SAR 133bn) to the owners of expropriated properties within the Grand Mosque northern courtyards' expansion project, according to Arab News .
The second article states that these will be expropriated in favor of the Nation, 'by reason of urgent social concern', according to a procedure established in Law 20 of March 27, 2009.