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tr.v. ex·pro·pri·at·ed, ex·pro·pri·at·ing, ex·pro·pri·ates
To take (a property) for public use.

[Medieval Latin expropriāre, expropriāt- : Latin ex-, ex- + Latin propriāre, to appropriate (from proprius, one's own; see proper).]

ex·pro′pri·a′tion n.
ex·pro′pri·a′tor n.
ex·pro′pri·a·to′ry (-ə-tôr′ē) adj.
References in classic literature ?
Calvin, who were themselves farmers long since expropriated, captured the farmers and threw their political strength away in a vain campaign.
The religious leaders, representing the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, The Custody of the Holy Land, and the Armenian Patriarchate, likened the legislative measures to the 'dark periods' in Europe in which Jewish land was often subjugated and expropriated.
The funds expropriated by this "sensible" course included those of charities, hospitals, educational institutions, small businesses, provident funds.
Earlier, on Wednesday NAB froze the bank accounts of Ishaq Dar, expropriated his assets searched his house in Islamabad.
Landowners and tenants of properties expropriated for development of the Kalibo International Airport (KIA) in Aklan province have appealed to the government to give them adequate compensation and assistance with their looming displacement.
With respect to the individual school boards, the Education Act (16) works in unison with the Expropriations Act to provide the justificatory authority and procedure by which land is expropriated for educational purposes.
Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide has received the compensation payment made to PIATCO by the Philippine government for the expropriated terminal project at Manila airport, the company said.
Contract notice: Record: 16dt0054 / ne "service environmental and forest in the agronomic center of coria, nursery riomalo de abajo, on the left bank of the area expropriated gabriel y galn and other forest areas of the third zone operating jobs (cceres ).
This is the result of a world where plant seeds have become subject to patents, medical research is overseen by pharmaceutical giants, universities are beholden to corporate funders, and indigenous knowledge is expropriated.
So far, 42,000 hectares had been expropriated there by means of the Natural Disaster Law.
Those plots were located within the boundaries of the Duqm Port project and expropriated in the public interest as per royal decree No 85/2006.
She said: "He just thinks he can buy Scottish votes with money expropriated from London.