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Beacon Equity Research and its affiliates have been directly compensated one million shares from a non-controlling third party (Star Consulting) for enrollment of EXPT in its research program.
Expts 2 and 3), there were significant compaction and plant species effects but no interactions at P=0.
The 2 different soils used for Expts A-E were passed through a 2-mm nylon sieve while moist, and then homogenised by frequent mixing, but they were not allowed to dry out.
The data from Expts 1 and 2 show a specific interference effect from semantically related prime pictures which have been presented three trials earlier.
Table 1: The order of presentation of the spoken audio-alone (A) and audio- visual (AV) Neale Analysis passages in Expts 1 and 2 Form 1, Level 4 (A) Form 2, Level 4 (A) Form 1, Level 5 (AV) Form 2, Level 5 (AV) Form 1, Level 6 (A) Form 2, Level 6 (A) Form 2, Level 4 (AV) Form 1, Level 4 (AV) Form 2, Level 5 (A) Form 1, Level 5 (A) Form 2, Level 6 (AV) Form 1, Level 6 (AV) Table 2.
Figure 4 shows the simulated effluent concentrations compared with experimental values for Expts 1D and 2D.
7 Comparisons between Expts 1 and 2 are confounded by the video-test delay.
This adds to the findings from Expts 2 and 3, which demonstrated basic differences in small-scale speeded pattern-recognition abilities.
Overall, the results of Expts 1 and 2 fall into a consistent pattern.