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 (ĭk-spŭngk′shən, -spŭng′shən)
The act of expunging or the condition of being expunged: expunction of the records of the crime.

[Late Latin expūnctiō, expūnctiōn-, execution, from Latin expūnctus, past participle of expungere, to strike out; see expunge.]


(ɪkˈspʌŋk ʃən)

the act of expunging or the state of being expunged.
[1600–10; < Late Latin expūnctiō, completion]
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Noun1.expunction - deletion by an act of expunging or erasing
deletion - the act of deleting something written or printed


The act of erasing or the condition of being erased:
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Amid the pandemonium, Sanjrani ordered the expunction of the unparliamentary language used by Khan and Chaudhry.
Alexander led a team of Weils Miami attorneys in securing an order on an issue of first impression from a Florida state court expunging the convictions of a victim of human trafficking under the states human trafficking victim expunction statute.
He undoubtedly placed his clients at risk, given that pleadings with such false information produce no legal effect and can result in the expunction of the same.
In Durham, prosecutors have begun participating in a pilot program they call the Durham Expunction and Restoration Program.
He was not asked to withdraw his words, and the worthy chairman was content with expunction of the said remarks.
In these consolidated appeals, Kole Eichinger challenges the circuit court's 2017 order denying expunction of misdemeanor crimes to which he pleaded guilty in 2012.
The remarks were resented by the ISI which sought their expunction. Notwithstanding the way Shaukat Siddiqui raised the question, the danger posed by the extremists cannot be pushed under the carpet.
However, a Soldier who is able to show by a preponderance of the evidence that he or she was unjustly accused should have an opportunity to overcome the opposition to expunction by rule and regulation.
(j) Expunction. [begin strikethrough]Upon motion of the respondent, the[end strikethrough] The Supreme Court of Florida may expunge a sanction entered under this rule when a final disposition of the criminal cause has resulted in acquittal or dismissal on motion of the respondent.
records problem, and they go by many names--expungement, expunction,
The author discusses the distinction between expunction and sealing, as well as a clear statement of what prevents eligibility for each process.
* Dynamic data operation with integrity gaurantee: This scheme supports fully dynamic data operations such as data alteration (M), data infusion (I) and data expunction (D) of cloud file repository.