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Outsourcing service, expurgation, digitization, indexing and destruction of the archive of clinical histories of the department of health of sagunto.
The 2016 election represented a revolt against the expurgation of traditionalism from the American right.
But expurgation could hardly efface completely the turmoil of Protestantism's English-sponsored struggle in Scotland against French Catholic influence, abetted by flattering royal favourites.
And so, behind his broad dismissal of late Whitman, a much more subtle story persists as Schmidgall draws out the ghost of what was lingering behind revision, or echoing through the absent space of expurgation.
By reading the Mencian view embodied in the novel against the historical background of the textual expurgation of the Mencius and the abolition of prime-ministership decreed by the Ming founder Zhu Yuanzhang, Ge productively anchors the novel to the specific political context of the early Ming autocracy.
A decade after his death, Bowdler's name had become synonymous with censorship on moral grounds, and bowdlerize was used to describe the expurgation of literary works.
Fauchet, on the other hand, while paying significant attention to a moral lesson, tended to lean back to Gaguin's and Pasquier's reverence towards the Roman past and withheld all comments about expurgation of the "others" from Gaul.
Part III consists of just two chapters bringing a modern perspective in a queer/camp reading of Juvenal's satires and consideration of the history of expurgation in translation of the ancient texts.
20) "Stored in the inquisitorial archives while awaiting expurgation [.
The construction of Muslim identity and religiosity depends on the expurgation and isolation from any other non-Islamic elements.
The expurgation of tobacco products, along with the launch of a comprehensive and uniquely personalized smoking cessation campaign, has been tied by the company to its rebranding as CVS Health.
Most tedious is her seeming desire for public expurgation of personal trauma, a self-purging of personal angst to the point of absurd-nauseum that seems more appropriate for clinical examination on the couch of a Shrink, if not otherwise, providing the public an opportunity to engage in the popular American entertainment of voyeurism.