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 (ĭk-skwĭz′ĭt, ĕk′skwĭ-zĭt)
a. Characterized by highly skilled or intricate art; excellently made or formed: an exquisite gold chalice.
b. Extremely or delightfully beautiful: the exquisite colors of a sunset.
2. Excellent or outstanding, especially by exhibiting or appealing to refined taste: "A guy who knew all the jazz spots and had an exquisite collection of old 78s" (Shirley Abbott).
3. Extremely subtle or precise: an image rendered in exquisite detail.
4. Intense; keen: exquisite delight; suffered exquisite pain.
5. Obsolete Ingeniously devised or thought out.
One who is excessively fastidious in dress, manners, or taste.

[Middle English exquisit, carefully chosen, from Latin exquīsītus, past participle of exquīrere, to search out : ex-, ex- + quaerere, to seek.]

ex′qui·site·ly adv.
ex′qui·site·ness n.
Synonyms: exquisite, delicate, elegant, fine1
These adjectives mean appealing to refined taste: an exquisite wine; a delicate flavor; elegant handwriting; the finest embroidery.
Usage Note: The traditional pronunciation of exquisite has stress on the first syllable (ĕk′skwĭ-zĭt), rhyming roughly with requisite. Although the pronunciation with stress on the second syllable—(ĭk-skwĭz′ĭt), rhyming roughly with exhibit—is newer, it was preferred by 64 percent of the Usage Panel in the 2011 survey.
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Noun1.exquisiteness - extreme beauty of a delicate sort
beauty - the qualities that give pleasure to the senses
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References in classic literature ?
The virtues of the Classical are exquisiteness and incisive significance; of the Romantic, richness and splendor.
Tarzan could not hope to make the man suffer as he had suffered, since physical pain may never approach the exquisiteness of mental torture.
The spangled heavens should be used as a pattern and with a view to that higher knowledge; their beauty is like the beauty of figures or pictures excellently wrought by the hand of Daedalus, or some other great artist, which we may chance to behold; any geometrician who saw them would appreciate the exquisiteness of their workmanship, but he would never dream of thinking that in them he could find the true equal or the true double, or the truth of any other proportion.
HIGGINS [with professional exquisiteness of modulation] I walk over everybody!
The Mawjymbuin cave is not only famous for its geological importance but also its exquisiteness and natural beauty.
The Elite family tree includes four all suite hotels and a luxury residence, each property has its own uniqueness and exquisiteness, Starting in Juffair, The Elite Crystal Hotel is a 4 star luxury hotel, perfect for both business and leisure travellers, known for its contemporary interior designs and Arabian flair and offering an excellent combination of all suits accommodations, luxurious facilities, efficient and personalized services to guests.
It is surrounded by Margallah Hills on one side which have the species of their own flora (plants) and fauna (animals) while Rawal Lake on the other side is further adding to its exquisiteness.
"Arabic calligraphy is such an exquisiteness that even foreigners are attracted to it without even being able to read it ....
The Elite family tree includes four all-suite hotels and four luxury residences, each property has its own uniqueness and exquisiteness.
The exquisiteness of the tournament provides a way for diplomats to communicate with one another away from their usual formality." Each team will consist of 9 players, comprising of diplomats and representatives from each embassy.
In these situations, the exquisiteness of the aircraft contributes to airpower scarcity.