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intr. & tr.v. ex·sic·cat·ed, ex·sic·cat·ing, ex·sic·cates
To dry up or cause to dry up.

[Middle English exsiccaten, from Latin exsiccāre, exsiccāt- : ex-, ex- + siccāre, to dry (from siccus, dry).]

ex′sic·ca′tion n.
ex′sic·ca′tive adj.
ex′sic·ca′tor n.
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The contract is for the supply of laboratory equipment for the various workshops such suszarkao capacity of about 50 to 55 liters, stainless steel lift pcs 2 starter for the production of dry ice, units 2, a set of instruments to sample 1 set (drill for deep-frozen products food, raw meat wycinakreczny, conical sampler to collect powders) exsiccator pcs 10 pcs 2 sedymentacyjnyImhoffa funnel with stand, stickers in different colors, burette Pellet 100 ml and 25 ml bottles with, naczynkluminiowe pcs 10 pcs 2 benchtop drainer, bucket with scale units 4, silica gel amber 1 op.
The tests at 75, 90 and 100[degrees]C were performed in an exsiccator placed into an electrically heated oven (Fig.
After milling, all samples were kept in high-density polyethylene bags at room temperature in an exsiccator until mineralization.