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adj. Archaic

[Latin extemporālis, from ex tempore; see extempore.]


archaic done or said without premeditation, impromptu


(ɪkˈstɛm pər əl)

adj. Archaic.
[1560–70; < Latin extemporālis. See extempore, -al1]
ex•tem′po•ral•ly, adv.
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Contract awarded for Provision of extemporal preparations
Thus, the extraterritorial and extemporal now-time becomes the refuge for these frustrated subjects, which pulls them out of their traumatic constellations.
A writer and performer of ballad medleys, (1) Tarleton was celebrated for his extemporal clowning in an era when audiences expected and playwrights explicitly invited clowns to improvise comical riffs.
Fennor's professed talent, clearly, lay in extemporal rhyme--"I'll ryme with any man that breath[e]s this day," he asserts, "Vpon a subject in extempore, / Or else be blotted from all memorie, / For any wager dare ingaged be"--and this is the skill he claims to have displayed when formerly he "chaleng'd Kendall on the Fortune Stage":
Confinement is translated into a creative, impregnated space-keeper and Kleist, as we will see, encounters in this confined, extemporal dimension extemporal creatures: ghosts and angels.
As Marie-Louise Coolahan has described, Joseph Hall in his The Arte of Divine Meditation (1606) was one of the first to explain the difference between set or deliberate meditation (what Halkett calls select meditation) and occasional or extemporal meditation:
The prose that follows further fills in Ike's extemporal fantasy with "tall unaxed trees and sightless brakes where the wild strong immortal game ran forever before the tireless belling immortal hounds, falling and rising phoenix-like to the soundless guns" ("Delta Autumn," GDM 337-38), an immortal landscape that Richard Godden identifies as a "Keatsian frieze" (4).
37) What set the great divas apart from the common players was their 'sharper spirit', elegant poetry, and graceful extemporal playing.
7) The Cause is the Cause for Chocolate, a selected few who want to swamp society with chocolate, and battle in an extemporal worldwide struggle with those who want to prohibit chocolate consumption.
Thus it qualifies as improvisation in action, as an extemporal act relying on the shared availability of all external signs impacting the inner world of the poet and manifesting itself in a responsive mode, which ultimately leaves behind the poetic creation in the linguistic signs.
Junto con ese desafio al orgullo de lector, se abre otro igualmente tentador para el escritor en germen: mimetizar el gesto del autor, declararse a si mismo un autor fuera de moda, extemporal.