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1. Carried out or performed with little or no preparation; impromptu: an extemporaneous piano recital.
2. Prepared in advance but delivered without notes or text: an extemporaneous speech.
3. Skilled at or given to unrehearsed speech or performance: an accomplished extemporaneous speaker.
4. Provided, made, or adapted as an expedient; makeshift: an extemporaneous policy decision.

[From Late Latin extemporāneus, from Latin ex tempore; see extempore.]

ex·tem′po·ra·ne′i·ty (-pər-ə-nē′ĭ-tē) n.
ex·tem′po·ra′ne·ous·ly adv.
ex·tem′po·ra′ne·ous·ness n.
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the quality of being extemporaneous
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The women who have dodged widely the threatening repercussions of technologism have a connection with nature that substantiates their extemporaneity and cultivates their humanity.
had other ideas about the extemporaneity of performance and tone:
(19) On the one hand, the actresses had to subscribe to the patriarchal marriage laws in order to practice their craft; on the other hand, because leading ladies had a great deal of power within the structure of the theatre company, they were also likely given more licence to show off their skills, including the verbal extemporaneity that constituted a freedom of voice.