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A fiddler who was present, and who appeared to act as the appointed minstrel of the company, forthwith struck up a Scotch reel; and that in tones so invigorating, that Hugh and his friend (who had both been drinking before) rose from their seats as by previous concert, and, to the great admiration of the assembled guests, performed an extemporaneous No-Popery Dance.
The child, sitting down with the old man close behind it, had been thinking how strange it was that horses who were such fine honest creatures should seem to make vagabonds of all the men they drew about them, when a loud laugh at some extemporaneous witticism of Mr Short's, having allusion to the circumstances of the day, roused her from her meditation and caused her to look around.
Your own gift you can present every moment with the cumulative force of a whole life's cultivation; but of the adopted talent of another you have only an extemporaneous half possession.
The intellect relies on memory to make some supplies to face these extemporaneous squadrons.
The style of preaching he had chosen was the extemporaneous, which was held little short of the miraculous in rural parishes like King's Lorton.
The events include: Cattleman's Quiz -- 90-minute test; Drake Genetic Evaluation Quiz -- 90-minute test; Livestock Judging Contest -- with a set of reasons; Extemporaneous Public Speaking Contest (draw three topics and choose the topic, then have 30-minutes to develop a three- to seven-minute speech.
And in the present issue is published my extemporaneous speech during the 25th death anniversary of CJ Teehankee, with some welcome additions by lead editor Jason Sy.
Panelo said he was not yet certain if the President would deliver a prepared speech or extemporaneous remarks during the SONA on July 22.
In an extemporaneous statement, Liberia's Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Samuel D.
The week-long event kicked off at the IMS campus simultaneous with literary competitions, which included Battle of the Brains, Poster Making, Infographics, Public Speaking, and Extemporaneous Speech.
This is the response of the Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell: 'Spain is not going to offer such an extemporaneous apology, just like we are not going to ask the French Republic to apologize for what Napoleon's soldiers did when they invaded Spain.