n. pl. ex·ten·si·ties
a. The quality of having extension or being extensive.
b. A specific degree or range of extension.
2. The attribute of sensation that enables one to perceive space or size.


1. (Psychology) psychol that part of sensory perception relating to the spatial aspect of objects
2. rare the condition of being extensive or extended


(ɪkˈstɛn sɪ ti)

1. the quality of having extension.
2. the sensation that underlies the perception of space and size.
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4] It shares the advantages of the unlimitedness of sample sizes, the explicitness of principles, the extensity of application scopes, as well as the intuitiveness of the results so that the influence of dimensionless on the size of the index can be overcome.
For the purposes of this paper, globalization refers to: a process (or set of processes) which embodies a transformation in the spatial organisation of social relations and transactions--assessed in terms of their extensity, intensity, velocity, and impact--generating transcontinental or interregional flows and networks of activity, interaction, and the exercise of power.
At the same time, they have an enhanced capacity to generate affective foregrounds as spacetimes of variable extensity and intensity (Hansen, 2015).
Giving final ultimatum to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government the protesters said they would extensity the protest if the government did not notify the acceptance of their demands till may, 15.
2) Ietto-Gillies (2010) suggests a third dimension: geographic extensity, which reflects the number of countries a firm is active in.
X-ray images enabled the determination of the extensity of inflammation within the interfascial spaces of the neck and simultaneously excluded the spreading of the inflammatory process to the mediastinum at the moment of examination.
Decisive themes in octaves, with a piano used orchestrally to give them bite, were surrounded with fringes, above and below, of effervescing figures, so that the music tingled with life and the sound seemed in an extraordinary way to have both intensity and extensity.
The formation of cognitive content in recognition depends on previous passive syntheses that constitute the quality and extensity of the world.
The dominance of transnational corporations that produce and sell consumer goods worldwide has driven the extensity and intensity of global consumer culture.
The matter in Western tradition displays the following features: extensity in space, solidity, impenetrability, inflexibility, mechanical quality, inertia, and discontinuity.
The outputs of the method are the values of the dynamic parameter of intensity and the dynamic parameter of extensity.
Leading an initiative in 2006, Walters built a $500 Million financial performance management software company called Extensity that merged with Infor in 2007.