external auditory meatus

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exter′nal au′ditory mea′tus

the canal extending from the opening in the external ear to the tympanic membrane.
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Ear plugs are the ear inserts which occlude external auditory meatus when fitted in it.
On examination, no wound was found in the neck and the external auditory meatus was packed, with no active bleed.
The owner chose palliative treatment, and a debulking procedure was performed on the left external auditory meatus mass 52 days after initial presentation to control self-trauma.
Specimens of molluscum contagiosum developed in the external auditory meatus.
After thorough examination of aural canal, the animal was positioned in lateral recumbency and swab was placed at external auditory meatus to prevent haematoma draining into ear canal.
Clinically patients were with either a marginal tympanic membrane perforation or a tympanic membrane inadequately visualized owing to the presence of granulations or squamous debris in the external auditory meatus.
This time we could not get clear surgical margins, and the tumor was approaching the external auditory meatus.
For the swelling five points on face were selected; lateral canthus of the eye, corner of the mouth, bony prominence on the chin, external auditory meatus and angle of the mandible.
Right external auditory meatus and canal were hypoplastic with thickened walls (Figures 5(c) and 5(d)).
INTRODUCTION: otomycosis or "otitis externa myotica" refers to a fungal or yeast infection of the external auditory meatus.