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Noun1.external organ - an organ that is situated on or near the surface of the bodyexternal organ - an organ that is situated on or near the surface of the body
organ - a fully differentiated structural and functional unit in an animal that is specialized for some particular function
external ear, outer ear - the part of the ear visible externally
precordium - the external surface of the body overlying the heart and stomach
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"The liver is the biggest internal organ in the body, and skin is the largest external organ, so there is some correlation between the two, but people haven't looked at it.
Electric blow heaters are prime culprits for their desiccating effect on the body's largest external organ, and their use should be avoided if at all possible.
This growing old process affects every single cell of your body including all your internal and external organs. In general skin is the largest external organ of human body and usually this organ is our main concern.
The skin is the body's largest external organ and also the fastest-growing.
For one thing, the envisioned new human rights committee would be an external organ of the Justice Ministry.
The fetish as posited by the new language of fetishism was simultaneously all-powerful (an external organ of the body) and trivial (since the emergent regime of the "individual" would deny that the body could have any such external organs).
In a declaration attached to the joint Annex to the IIA, interpreting Article 7 of the Regulation, the Council and Parliament have already decided that documents "deemed to be pertinent" in the context of enquiries should be transmitted to the office to ensure OLAF is able to exercise its mission.Contrary to the Commission's initial proposal, OLAF will not be an external organ but will remain, from a statutory standpoint, within the Commission under the supervision of a five-member monitoring committee.
"The work is world class and his entry gives so much kudos to the exhibition, it will be really interesting to see how his work develops over the next few years." The runner-up prize has been awarded to Swansea-based artist Fern Thomas for her photograph Bird as External Organ.
His collaborator, Fern Thomas, questions man's relationship with nature for survival in her entry Bird As External Organ, shortlisted for the photography prize.