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Noun1.external orifice - the orifice through which urine is dischargedexternal orifice - the orifice through which urine is discharged
orifice, porta, opening - an aperture or hole that opens into a bodily cavity; "the orifice into the aorta from the lower left chamber of the heart"
urethra - duct through which urine is discharged in most mammals and which serves as the male genital duct
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The carrier, more especially the male bird, is also remarkable from the wonderful development of the carunculated skin about the head, and this is accompanied by greatly elongated eyelids, very large external orifices to the nostrils, and a wide gape of mouth.
A short French tube (number 10) was inserted into the fistula and the internal and external orifice of the fistula tract was marsupialized with Vicryl 4-0.
First, hydrogen peroxide was injected into the external orifice, and the internal orifice was identified using an anoscope.
It may be either frontal or sagittal, and depending on whether the external orifice of the accessory urethra opens above or below the external orifice of the main urethra (the one with a markedly stronger urine flow), this distinguishes epispadic and hypospadic urethral duplications [1].