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A sense organ, such as the ear, that receives and responds to stimuli originating from outside the body.

[Latin exter, outside; see exterior + (re)ceptor.]

ex′ter·o·cep′tive adj.
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Adj.1.exteroceptive - of or relating to exteroception
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Many studies have demonstrated an important role of dopaminergic neurons (DA) in tasks involving the presentation or omission of reinforcement previously associated with exteroceptive stimuli.
In the go/no-go task, subjects are exposed to separate "go" and "no-go" trials, each typically signaled by similar, but distinguishable, exteroceptive stimuli.
One function of the salience network, he said, is to regulate switching between the default mode network (DMN)--an interoceptive network --and the central executive network, usually active in exteroceptive tasks.
Deterioration of 2PD sense in occupationally active women with CTS, as previously reported [41], leads to impairment not only of exteroceptive sensation, but also proprioceptive sensation [25], which, already in the early stages, reduces the functional capacity of the hand and may have occupational consequences in the form of reduced productivity.
Passive avoidance paradigm (PAP) and Morris water maze (MWM) were the two exteroceptive behavioral models used in this experiment.
Berman, "Avoidance conditioning in the absence of relevant proprioceptive and exteroceptive feed back," Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology, vol.
Our vehicle is equipped with two proprioceptive sensors (gyro and odometers) and an exteroceptive sensor (GPS receiver).
Mixing medical research with commercial interests in support of predatory capitalism only deepens the morass of a worldview that conflates matter and reality and privileges exteroceptive thinking.
Conditioning transcranial cortical stimulation (TCCS) by exteroceptive stimulation in parkinsonian patients.
The neuromotor expression itself brings information related to the gesture, which means the information of the user's FAP and its modifications according to their proprioceptive and exteroceptive information.
(1-3) Optimal alignment is required, (4,5) consisting of an interaction between proprioceptive and exteroceptive awareness (6) paired with perfect balance between flexibility and strength.