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A sense organ, such as the ear, that receives and responds to stimuli originating from outside the body.

[Latin exter, outside; see exterior + (re)ceptor.]

ex′ter·o·cep′tive adj.
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Adj.1.exteroceptive - of or relating to exteroception
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In the case of the "impressed" typeface, its tactility reminds us exteroceptively of the embodied practices of people of the book, from the touched-smooth surfaces of sacred architecture to the effaced images of holy personages in books touched thousands of devout times to the chiseled stone of inset words in grave markers, replicated in turn in the US Vietnam Memorial names made into inner text.
In this view, "e-motion" literally means to elicit or evoke motion (action) and suggests that emotive events, at least initially, may often involve respondents which can be evoked either interoceptively or exteroceptively and shaped by consequences.