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1. Characterized by extortion.
2. Exorbitant; immoderate: extortionate interest rates.

ex·tor′tion·ate·ly adv.
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Adv.1.extortionately - to an exorbitant degreeextortionately - to an exorbitant degree; "prices are exorbitantly high in the capital"
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The extortionately expensive infrastructure-led policy must be sent back to the drawing board and thoroughly scrutinised.
Over-priced, chemically-induced food, drinks are extortionately expensive.
Of course, [the cap] will have an impact on [the banks'] profits, but they can still thrive without charging extortionately high interest rates," he adds.
However, Dunne lamented its high price, saying: "Unfortunately, Sativex, the one pharmaceutical-grade product that is available in New Zealand, continues to be extortionately priced as big pharma continues to ignore the building resentment, both local and global, to the attitudes these companies take to the sick and vulnerable.
The Labour Party had been unelectable from the chaos of the extortionately high taxation days which saw rates for some high earners at over 90% under their leadership in the 60s and 70s until it moved its policies to the centre left, placing investment into the economy at the heart of its political vision.
The reason for such animosity (more appropriately leveled against fascists than fashionistas) has nothing to do with Kim's sex tape or her extortionately priced $20,000,000 show nuptials to Chris Humphries or the fact that the family matriarch peed her pants on TV and then, after the episode, got an endorsement deal from Poise Panty Liners or that Khloe somewhat endearingly calls her camel toe "Camille the camel"--peccadilloes high on the list of the misdemeanors we so self-righteously hold against "scumbag trash" we dismiss with Victorian hauteur as "uncouth" and "unladylike.
Thanks to extortionately overpriced uniform regulations and constant demands for cash for rugby trips, skiing holidays, hockey sticks and crumhorn lessons, grammars pretty much price a lot of kids out of contention.
Policies that discourage long-range commuting in private vehicles would reduce the need for the extortionately costly Black Route relief motorway now being promoted as the only solution by Mr Flynn and a faction within his own party.
It is extortionately expensive in comparison to other prisons, costing a staggering PS300 million to run each year.
It is now tending towards complexity (not completely understandable and explainable), extortionately expensive and a decade delayed.
AJ Quinn, L11 Proper football IF YOU'RE tired of paying the extortionately high prices demanded by our Premier League clubs to watch a bunch of overpaid primadonnas cavort around a pitch for 90 minutes, can I suggest you give our local non-league clubs a try?
Instead of revolting against regulatory burdens that cause drugs to be extortionately overpriced, Americans languish in state of apathy while pharmaceutical companies collude to pillage our finances.