extra-base hit

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ex·tra-base hit

n. Baseball
A double, a triple, or a home run.

ex′tra-base′ hit′

a hit in baseball that enables a batter to reach more than one base safely.
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Can you tell me who holds the record for getting an extra-base hit in the most consecutive games?
259 with 46 extra-base hits and 66 RBI, second in the American League to the hands-down winner Jose Abreu.
He earned his fifth Silver Slugger Award and finished among overall AL leaders in average (6th), slugging (4th), on-base percentage (4th), OPS (4th), multi-hit games (9th, 51), extra-base hits (T-9th), walks (T-9th, 78), intentional walks (8th, 12), home average (4th, .
464 last week with five extra-base hits, including a two-run, walk-off homer Sunday night against Brockton.
360, our run production has risen from 83 to 203, our extra-base hits have increased 39%, and our stolen bases have improved by 20%.