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Occurring or operating outside the chromosomes.


(ˌɛk strəˌkroʊ məˈsoʊ məl)

of or pertaining to DNA that exists outside the main chromosome and acts independently.
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CRISPRs are beginning to attract attention because of their proposed mechanism; that is, defending their hosts against invading extrachromosomal elements such as viruses.
So we're delivering extrachromosomal DNA that has all the 'start' and 'stop' signatures and other information the cell needs to make the appropriate protein, in this case, the missing enzyme.
To remove the [beta]pat3 mutant alleles, a strain with the extrachromosomal array in wild type background has been constructed which will be crossed with CH1179 to establish the potential CH1179 transgenic strains with the [beta]pat-3:: GFP construct.
19] Unlike retroviruses, which incorporate their nucleic acid into host DNA, VZV remains extrachromosomal but in a noninfectious form.
TRECs are used as a measure of the amount of extrachromosomal rearrangement products in the peripheral blood.
Such virulent strains contain large plasmids and, therefore, high extrachromosomal DNA (Butcher, 1977).
Additionally, the groups of isolates as a whole from each sample displayed remarkable similarities in the sizes of extrachromosomal elements, adhesion to crude oil, and hydrocarbon substrate utilization.
Mitochrondrial Respiratory Dysfunction and the Extrachromosomal Origin of Cancer
A bacterial genome in flux: the twelve linear and nine circular extrachromosomal DNAs in an infectious isolate of the Lyme disease spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi.
Plasmid pEC157 is a circular, extrachromosomal element carried by the pathogenic E.
He's most well-known for his work on extrachromosomal elements called plasmids and their role in antibiotic resistance and pathogenicity in humans and animals, but he's continued throughout his career to explore the microbe's-eye view that can only be afforded by getting down to their level.

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