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After laparoscopic dissection of the ureteropelvic junction, renal pelvis was extracted with a tiny flank incision (1-2 cm), and then, pyeloplasty was extracorporeally performed using monofilament absorbable sutures.
The released cellular fluids are extracorporeally digested and then sucked by the larvae.
After delivery of appendix through the port, the base of the appendix was ligated with 2/0 VicrylA(r) extracorporeally and, appendectomy was completed.
The graspers can be locked onto the tissue, and the system itself can be stabilized extracorporeally so that it can be hands free.
The Ecmo is where blood is oxygenated extracorporeally. It allows adequate respiration while the patient's lung is allowed to recover through mechanical ventilation at lung rest settings.
Extracorporeally induced destruction of kidney stones by shock waves.
Surgeons usually extend the trocar incision after completing total stomach and lymph node resection, the esophageal stump and jejunum are pulled out and the esophagojejunostomy is performed extracorporeally. However, EEJ also partially impedes the minimally invasiveness benefit of LTG due to the enlarged incision.
This is a possible modification of use for this device, where the plate is placed extracorporeally. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first clinical report of the use of a LP for internal fracture repair in a bird.
To ensure homogeneous distribution of the barrier gel, 4DF powder and saline or Ringer's solution were premixed extracorporeally by adding 60-70 mL saline or Ringer's solution to every 5 g 4DF powder.
The entry site for the endostapler was made extracorporeally at the estimated point for both an adequate length of isoperistaltic stapling and a suitable length from the end of the staple line to the jejunal stump.
First clinical experience with extracorporeally induced destruction of kidney stones by shock waves.
Huang, and et al., "Treatment of malignant bone tumours by extracorporeally irradiated autograft-prosthetic composite arthroplasty," The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery--British Volume, vol.

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