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 (ĕk′strə-dŏs′, -dōs′)
n. pl. ex·tra·dos (-dōz′) or ex·tra·dos·es (-dŏs′ĭz)
The upper or exterior curve of an arch.

[French : Latin extrā, outside; see extra- + French dos, back (from Latin dorsum).]
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n, pl -dos (-dəʊz) or -doses
(Architecture) architect the outer curve or surface of an arch or vault. Compare intrados
[C18: from French, from extra- + dos back, from Latin dorsum]
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(ˈɛk strəˌdɒs, -ˌdoʊs, ɛkˈstreɪ dɒs, -doʊs)

n., pl. -dos (-ˌdoʊz, -doʊz)
the exterior curve or surface of an arch or vault. Compare intrados.
[1765–75; < French, =extra- extra- + dos back (< Latin dorsum)]
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Noun1.extrados - the exterior curve of an archextrados - the exterior curve of an arch  
curve, curved shape - the trace of a point whose direction of motion changes
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9a at two stages ([t.sub.1] and [t.sub.2]), the parison remains straight during extrusion before it hits the exposed points of the mold surface along the extrados of the elbow (Fig.
A consultation is considering options for different bridges, including extrados bridges, cable-stayed bridges and balanced cantilever bridges.
For instance, for the quick estimation of the stress acting on the lining extrados, the convergence-confinement method (CCM) has been used to calculate both the radial displacements associated with the construction of the shafts and the equivalent loads [1].
Based on this element, the curves that determine the intrados and extrados are defined, which are in general different from each other and at each elevation.
However, after induction bending, these properties rapidly decrease because a new microstructure is obtained and also tensile strain, in extrados part, and compression strain in intrados part, is given to the material.
Y puesto que, por lo menos una vez, Cameron University llego en una reunion sin problemas del motor del vehiculo, sin embargo su representante IACUC metio la pata este ado al recoger unos extrados primates pidiendo un aventon en Lawton, OK, que se encontraron corriendo como locos entre los arboles durante el picnic,
The place of a lateral intake in the extrados (outer curve of an arc) of the river is identified using the CCHE2D model in [5].
When inflated, the tube pressed the liner towards the vent at the extrados and PVC pipe at the intrados, thus creating an end-seal with a provision to supply air through the quick connector, as shown in Figure 10.
Chic gets layered on heavy in the ultra-sophisticated outdoor dining collection Extrados by Ego Paris.
Since 20-35[degrees] along the extrados of bend is the most severe erosion area [10, 11], the eroded pit in this study is located 22[degrees] downstream the inlet of bend.