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Located or originating beyond the Milky Way.


(Astronomy) occurring or existing beyond the Galaxy


(ˌɛk strə gəˈlæk tɪk)

outside the Milky Way system.
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Adj.1.extragalactic - outside or beyond a galaxy; "extragalactic nebula"
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PhD student Dan Pryer who has already started working on the project, on the 'extragalactic helpdesk', says:
The uh theoretical extragalactic team is ideally suited for this project, as it has an unusually versatile background in modelling the dynamics, feedback and merging of smbhs.
Dr Elisabeta Lusso, from the Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy at Durham University, said: "Black holes are the most luminous persistent sources of the universe and allow us to measure its expansion rate at very early times.
Contributed by scientists from around the world, the 29 papers and poster sessions address topics like the properties of variable stars in the Milky Way, stellar populations in nearby galaxies, and the application of stellar population studies to the extragalactic distance scale and implications for observational cosmology.
It is a powerful observatory that has provided enormous amounts of data on gamma rays (the most energetic form of light) and their interaction with the extragalactic background light (EBL), which is a cosmic fog composed of all the ultraviolet, visible and infrared light emitted by stars or from dust in their vicinity.
A few words of caution: Extragalactic globulars lack the optical impact of familiar ones in the Milky Way so are best appreciated with your mind as well as your eyes.
Now, as part of the same effort, a team of researchers working at Breakthrough Listen, a project to search for extraterrestrial intelligence signals (SETI), has detected as many as 72 FRBs - all coming from a mysterious extragalactic source located 3 billion light-years away from Earth.
Second, he has sex with a giant extragalactic cockroach and, in the process, becomes a hero, single-handedly solving the galaxy's need for a new source of faster-than-light travel after the Qhigarians, a species who previously controlled all hyperjumps with their minds, leave the galaxy.
Lead author Dr Richard Massey, from Durham University's Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy, said: "The search for dark matter is frustrating, but that's science.
While planets are often discovered within the Milky Way using microlensing, the gravitational effect of even small objects can create high magnification leading to a signature that can be modeled and explained in extragalactic galaxies.
'Although the possibility that FRBs are produced by extragalactic civilizations is more speculative than an astrophysical origin, quantifying the requirements necessary for an artificial origin serves, at the very least, the important purpose of enabling astronomers to rule it out with future data,' the pair said in the conclusion of their study.
They were trying to decipher the extragalactic background light, or EBL, a diffuse glow that fills the universe (SN:9/7/13, p.