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1. Not permitted by law.
2. Outside of the scope of law.

ex′tra·le′gal·ly adv.
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(Law) not governed or regulated by law
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(ˌɛk strəˈli gəl)

beyond the province or authority of law.
ex`tra•le′gal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.extralegal - not regulated or sanctioned by law; "there were only extralegal recourses for their grievances"
illegal - prohibited by law or by official or accepted rules; "an illegal chess move"
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We should encourage more citizens like them and not curb their activism-or so-called communism-through legal and even extralegal means.
The creation of the team was recommended by the interagency committee on extralegal killings, enforced disappearances, torture and other grave violations of the right to life, liberty and security of persons created under Administrative Order No.
SWS also reported that 50 percent of respondents said only the poor are victimized by extralegal killings.
SWS also reported that 50 percent of respondents saidonly the poorare victimized by extralegal killings.
Accordingly, such breach merits a finding that Joselito had been the subject of an extralegal killing," the CA ruled.
Shanghai police remarked that online live broadcasts are not extralegal spaces and Chinese laws and morals must still be adhered to online.
To contribute to the growing scholarship on Brazilian social movements, revolutionary politics, and contentious politics in general, Pahnke contends that we need to consider the Landless Workers Movement's contradictory relationship with state authority as resulting from a combination of legal and extralegal tactics.
ISLAMABAD -- While terming the nomination of Pakistan People's Party Senator Sherry Rehman for the slot of the leader of the opposition in Senate 'extralegal', the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf on Saturday reiterated its stance that Senator Azam Swati would be its nominee for the slot.
Dunne also explores how revenge was not seen inherently lawless, nor was the law free from revenge, though his analysis on extralegal and legal vengeance would benefit from more clearly defined terms.
(13) He argues instead that such power was at times bound by statute, and that in all events, the extralegal (meaning power exercised by administrators outside of the law) nature of the prerogative power remained problematic and was addressed by English constitutional ideals, providing a basis for American constitutional concerns over extralegal power.
(3) These accounts impute extralegal motives on Chief Justice Roberts, sometimes as indictment (4) and sometimes as praise.