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 (ĕk′strə-no͞o′klē-ər, -nyo͞o′-)
1. Located or occurring outside the nucleus of a cell.
2. Existing or acting outside the nucleus of an atom.


(Biology) biology situated or occurring in part of a cell outside the nucleus


(ˌɛk strəˈnu kli ər, -ˈnyu-; by metathesis -kyə lər)

pertaining to or affecting the parts of a cell outside the nucleus.
pron: See nuclear.
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The STF team recovered a packaging machine, 5750 litres of rectified spirit, extranuclear alcohol, two sacks of Urea, empty alcohol bottles, around 1 lakh QR Codes, several gallons of water and other raw materials from their possession.
Se observo que el tratamiento de las celulas tumorales con el extracto P2Et indujo la expresion de marcadores de muerte celular inmunogenica, conocidos por su papel en la activacion de las celulas dendriticas (Krysko, et al., 2012), tales como la expresion de calreticulina en la membrana plasmatica, la movilizacion extranuclear de la proteina HMGB-1 y la liberacion de ATP.
However, reference to a fictional character takes place as soon as 'extranuclear' properties are predicated of the individual described in the story (or better, properties are predicated of the individual from outside the context of the story).
These are extranuclear cytoplasmic bodies formed by the exclusion of chromosome fragments or whole chromosomes lagging at mitosis.
The micronuclei MNi are extranuclear DNA-containing bodies that are formed because of chromosomal breakage (clastogenicity) and/or chromosome loss (9, 10).
Extranuclear estrogen receptor beta immunoreactivity is on doublecortin-containing cells in the adult and neonatal rat dentate gyrus.
The configuration of the extranuclear electrons of Si is 3[s.sup.2]3[p.sup.2], and the configuration of the extranuclear electrons of Fe is 3[d.sup.6]4[s.sup.2].
[[rho].sub.i] is the sum of electron cloud density at the ith atom generated by the extranuclear electrons of other atoms.
In this condition, more electrons emitted by electronic gun hit extranuclear electrons of carbon atom.
Using confocal fluorescence microscopy we found that in resting, starving DCs, a large proportion of anti-SGPP-1 staining was localized within the nuclei and only a small quantity was present in the extranuclear compartment (Figure 2(a)).
Furthermore, the arrangements of the extranuclear electrons of Cd(II) and Hg(II) ions are 4[d.sup.10]5[s.sup.0] and 5[d.sup.10]6[s.sup.0], respectively.
Cluster Number of Peak MNI coordinates Peak MNI coordinate voxels (x, y, z) region Cluster 1 24 1.5 -15 -25.5 Pons Cluster 2 206 -15 25.5 -4.5 Frontal Lobe Cluster 3 58 37.5 -43.5 6 Temporal Lobe Cluster 4 72 12 25.510.5 Sub-Lobar Cluster 5 42 27 19.5 18 Sub-Gyral Cluster 6 25 30 -7.527 Extranuclear Cluster 7 69 18 -31.5 28.5 Cingulate Gyrus Cluster 8 43 -12 -25.5 16.5 Pulvinar TABLE 5: Effect of the number of the related features (AD-NC).