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a. extraocular, fuera del ojo.
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Lid retractors may press the eye and cause bulging of the intraocular contents.11 To reduce this extraocular pressure effect, loosening the speculum and eyelid sutures would help.
The toxins which cause extraocular muscle paralysis are usually weak neurotoxins (1-4).
(4) The estimated incidence of retinoblastoma in developing countries is about 2000 per year, (5) as compared with approximately 350 per year in the United States,6 and patients in developing countries often present with high-stage disease and an increased rate of extraocular extension and metastasis.
Extraocular movements were intact, and there was no visual impairment.
They cover techniques for diagnosing diseases of the retina, choroid, vitreous, anterior segment, optic nerve, and extraocular muscles along with assessment of intraocular tumors.
But ocular tumors pose a wide range of problems, particularly if the tumor extends into the extraocular muscles.
* Extraocular movements are obtained by having the infant follow a favorite or bright-colored object.
Findings on examination included ptosis, extraocular palsies, facial paralysis, palatal weakness, and impaired gag reflex.
b) All nerve subnuclei in the midbrain project ipsilaterally to their individual extraocular muscles except the superior rectus nuclei
PEX is characterized by a grayish-white, bran-like fibrillar extracellular material in the intraocular and extraocular structures such as the pupillary flank, lens anterior capsule, iridocorneal angle, ciliary body and zonules, anterior hyaloid face, trabecular meshwork, corneal endothelium, and lid conjunctiva [1-3].
It was observed that 182 patients suffered mechanical trauma with ocular injury sustained by 131 patients (66.8%) and extraocular injury without damage to the globe by 51 patients (26.02%).