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 (ĕk′strə-yo͞o′tər-ĭn, -tə-rīn′)
Located or occurring outside the uterus: an extrauterine pregnancy.
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(Gynaecology & Obstetrics) situated or developing outside the cavity of the uterus
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(ˌɛk strəˈyu tər ɪn, -təˌraɪn)

situated, developing, or occurring outside the uterus.
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Tub bathing, emollients, and even plastic dressings can protect the fragile skin of preterm infants during the first few crucial weeks of extrauterine life.
Traditional staffing models of "hours per day" or "midnight census" are not applicable in planning perinatal staffing because they do not consider the dynamic nature of caring for women during labor and birth, the first few hours after delivery, the surgical deliveries, and the needs of the newborn following birth as it transitions to extrauterine life.
Extrauterine pregnancy of abdomen is an extremely unusual sort of ectopic pregnancy where imbedding happens inside a peritoneal cavity, which is outside an ovary and fallopian tube.
(3) Uterine bleeding is the most common symptom, but extrauterine hemorrhagic events may be the first presentation in a patient with extrauterine spread: lung, liver, central nervous system, and gastrointestinal tract.
According to a recent study, extrauterine stem cells originating from bone marrow are able to differentiate into endometriotic tissues.
In the Saving Mothers reports, [1-3] EP deaths are categorised into those before 20 weeks' gestation and those after 20 weeks' gestation (advanced extrauterine pregnancies).
The sites where extrauterine leiomyomas most frequently develop are vulva, ovaries, urethra, and bladder in the genitourinary tract or where less frequently develop is in the gastrointestinal system, but can occur in almost any tissue that contains smooth muscle.
HP is defined as the coexistence of an intrauterine pregnancy and an extrauterine pregnancy.
MRI without contrast should be considered 1) when US is inconclusive and 2) to further evaluate a posterior placenta suspicious for invasion, to define the precise topography of extrauterine placental invasion.
The differential diagnoses of PNETs of the ovary include several primary and metastatic ovarian neoplasms such as juvenile granulosa cell tumors, lymphoblastic lymphoma (LBL), extrauterine endometrial stroll sarcoma, and serous ovarian carcinomas.
(8) These fibroids are mostly located within the uterus but can rarely occur in extrauterine locations such as between the leaf of broad ligament, inguinal region, and round ligament.