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v. ex·trav·a·sat·ed, ex·trav·a·sat·ing, ex·trav·a·sates
1. Medicine To force the flow of (blood or lymph) from a vessel out into surrounding tissue.
2. Geology To cause (molten lava) to pour forth from a volcanic vent.
1. Medicine To exude from a vessel into surrounding tissue.
2. Geology To erupt.

ex·trav′a·sa′tion n.


a. extravasado-a, rel. al escape de fluido de un vaso a tejidos circundantes.
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There was not a piece of sound skin the size of a dollar on the whole body; wounds, scars, bruises, discolored extravasated blood, everywhere--even on the soles of the feet there were wounds.
It had, however, broad maculations of bluish black, obviously caused by extravasated blood from contusions.
Activated plasminogen, plasmin, is a fundamental component of the fibrinolytic system and is the main enzyme involved in the lysis of blood clots and clearance of extravasated fibrin.
Mucin was present in the lumen of the diverticula and had extravasated into the wall.
The lung tissue showed dilated veins and arterioles, with a few extravasated erythrocytes within the lumen of the air capillaries and minimal edema.
The typical histopathological features encompass a spindle cell proliferation with formation of slit-like vascular spaces, extravasated red bood cells (Fig.
We believe this aggressive IVL extravasated into the lymph nodes, liver, bladder, and adrenal parenchyma as a diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.
In each sub-group, 4 rats were used to assess AQP4 expression in striatum of lesion side by immunohistochemical analysis and real-time fluorescence quantitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) respectively, and 4 rats were used to assess BBB permeability by measuring extravasated Evans blue (EB) dye in the brain tissue.
Extravasated Evans blue dye was quantitatively measured in the TMJ tissue by spectrophotometry.
The attenuation of extravasated contrast is usually similar to that seen in adjacent blood vessels.
Patients present with a dome-shaped swelling, often with a blue hue due to the extravasated mucin.