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v. ex·trav·a·sat·ed, ex·trav·a·sat·ing, ex·trav·a·sates
1. Medicine To force the flow of (blood or lymph) from a vessel out into surrounding tissue.
2. Geology To cause (molten lava) to pour forth from a volcanic vent.
1. Medicine To exude from a vessel into surrounding tissue.
2. Geology To erupt.

ex·trav′a·sa′tion n.
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a. extravasado-a, rel. al escape de fluido de un vaso a tejidos circundantes.
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It had, however, broad maculations of bluish black, obviously caused by extravasated blood from contusions.
There was not a piece of sound skin the size of a dollar on the whole body; wounds, scars, bruises, discolored extravasated blood, everywhere--even on the soles of the feet there were wounds.
Active bleeding was detected from vascular structures that had previously been damaged but not extravasated. The vascular structures in the active extravasation site were embolized.
This cycle of refiling, rupture and collapse continues to occur for months.7 Mucocele size ranges from few millimetres to several centimetres across which depends upon its location.There are two patterns histologically,one is an intact epithelium lined duct it dilates and forms a cyst, this is mucin filled with inflammatory debris or extravasated mucin in the stroma which has granulation tissue with inflammatory infiltrate and histiocytes.8
It detects extravasated, tagged blood within the GI tract at bleeding rates of around 0.1 ml/min; therefore, it is considered the most sensitive radiographic test for GI bleeding (9).
In the dermis, superficial perivascular, mostly mononuclear infiltrate with evident extravasated erythrocytes and focal discrete interface dermatitis with some basal vacuolar changes was observed.
Translocation of urine from the urinary tract into the pleural cavity can occur either by lymphatic drainage of the retroperitoneal extravasated urine following pressure gradient or by directly rupturing into the pleural cavity through a fistula or an anatomical defect of the diaphragm.
The endometrial glands were disorderly arranged with diffuse cellular infiltration with neutrophils and extravasated erythrocytes in endometrial stroma in accordance with the findings of Biswas et al.
The underlying connective tissue capsule shows bundles of collagen fibers, fibroblasts along with chronic inflammatory cell infiltrate consisting of lymphocyte, and plasma cells, blood capillaries, and extravasated RBC's.
Extravasated urine may accumulate in the extraperitoneal area, inside the peritoneal cavity, or both.
The etiological factors underlying this disease are currently unclear, although a localized autoimmune inflammatory response to retained and extravasated fat- and protein-rich (milk) secretions in the duct has been implicated in its pathogenesis (1).
An abnormal contour of the outer aortic wall, thrombus and extravasated contrast-enhanced blood can be seen in the setting of contained aortic rupture (Figure 5).