extravehicular activity

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extravehicular activity
astronaut Randy Bresnik on a mission at the International Space Station in
November 2009

ex·tra·ve·hic·u·lar activity

n. Abbr. EVA
Activity or maneuvers performed by an astronaut outside a spacecraft in space.
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The final part of training consists of the preparation for an EVA or extravehicular activity, popularly known as the spacewalk, rendezvous and docking, and performance training.
Ed White was the first American to venture out into extravehicular activity.
As with the past crews, they particularly enjoyed the extravehicular activity (EVA) on an asteroid conducted with virtual reality technology.
The overseas travel has two-week breaks when Hague returns to Houston for training on the US systems and for extravehicular activity (EVA), or spacewalks, and an opportunity to sleep in his own bed for a change.
Sellers, STS-I2I mission specialist, participates in the mission's third and final session of extravehicular activity.
Evelyn's work at NASA's Virtual Reality Laboratory (VRLab) is used to train astronauts in extravehicular activity.
Kelly, who is nine months into a one-year mission, will be designated extravehicular activity crew member 1 (EV1) wearing the suit bearing the red stripes, and Kopra will be extravehicular activity crew member 2 (EV2) wearing the plain suit.
A five-flight veteran, he logged more than 58 days in space, including 58 hours and 30 minutes of extravehicular activity during eight spacewalks.
ISLAMABAD -- NASA is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the US first extravehicular activity better known as a spacewalk through a number of commemorative features.
JOURNEY TO MARS: In 2015, NASA will be recognizing 50 years of spacewalking, or Extravehicular Activity (EVA).
In future, outer space operations will be implemented predominantly by robots that will reduce human extravehicular activity.
A "Orbital rendezvous and docking, flights longer than two weeks, extravehicular activity and any flights beyond Earth's orbit are not explicitly addressed," the document said.

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