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n. pl. ex·tre·ma (-mə) Mathematics
A value in the domain of a given function at which the function attains a maximum or minimum value.

[From Latin, extrēmum, neuter sing. of extrēmus, outermost, extreme; see eghs in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -mums or -ma (-mə)
(Mathematics) maths the maximum or minimum value of a mathematical function
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Noun1.extremum - the point located farthest from the middle of something
extremity - the outermost or farthest region or point
apex, acme, vertex, peak - the highest point (of something); "at the peak of the pyramid"
2.extremum - the most extreme possible amount or valueextremum - the most extreme possible amount or value; "voltage peak"
limitation, limit - the greatest amount of something that is possible or allowed; "there are limits on the amount you can bet"; "it is growing rapidly with no limitation in sight"
lower limit, minimum - the smallest possible quantity
maximum, upper limit - the largest possible quantity
References in classic literature ?
Better saith he, qui finem vitae extremum inter munera ponat naturae.
The other would be to assume that there is just one [phi]-particle--albeit, with the mass discretely fluctuating between the two mass extremums i.e., (-[m.sub.0]) and (+[m.sub.0]).
As the solutions in the view of equations (16) and (23) are found on just the necessary condition (6) for the extremums existence, it is required to check the solutions for being really optimal subject to the stated problem settings constraints.
The MAPE between the predicted daily maximum heat-collecting capacities and the measured extremums was 13.15%.
However, there exist some frequency bands that have local SPL extremums such as 200-240 Hz, 305-345 Hz, and 660-720 Hz.
For vehicle load stress extremum selection, there are also two options: (1) considering the daily maximum as the monitoring extremum; (2) taking all the monitoring extremums which are bigger than the threshold.
The negative and positive extremums of [E.sub.z] are -73.5 and 27.3 kV/m, respectively, and the extremum of [[rho].sub.g] is 2.15 g/[m.sup.3].
When peak-peak value is calculated, maximum and minimum values of signal are firstly sought, and then absolute value (range) of the difference between these two adjacent extremums is obtained, which is easy to achieve through computer.
Therefore, extremums estimation is better especially in the case of random vibration.
If the system has a potential, then the global extremums of all the local ones of an objective function will be searched for