extrinsic factor

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extrinsic factor

Vitamin B12.
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vitamin B1


vitamin B2


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vitamin B12

a complex water-soluble solid, C63H88N14O14PCo, obtained from liver, milk, eggs, fish, oysters, and clams: a deficiency causes pernicious anemia and disorders of the nervous system. Also called cyanocobalamin, cobalamin, extrinsic factor.
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In order to overcome the limitations of considering intrinsic or extrinsic variables, we selected personality profiles based on the DISC model as an individual trait factor, conflict-handling style as an interpersonal factor, and organizational characteristics as an extrinsic factor, and examined the effects of these factors on job satisfaction.
The physical environment is a type of extrinsic factor.
The most important extrinsic factor for wine purchase is price [42].
To be included in the sample, studies had to include a least one intrinsic or extrinsic factor that influenced career choice among medical students, and be descriptive and analytical, presenting qualitative and quantitative data.
We can speculate that the exposure to an extrinsic factor may be associated with younger age in this case.
After running the PCA we fitted a series of general linear models (GLMs) to the sample scores extracted from the primary PCA axes to relate the diet compositions to the extrinsic factor. Different strategies are available for the selection of independent variables in a GLM: forward selection; backward elimination; stepwise selection; or use of statistical information criteria (e.g., Akaike information criteria) (Ramsey and Schafer, 2002).
The third set of 4 questions focused on the extrinsic factor of benefits and security (.80).
Intraspecific aggressive behavior between decapod crustaceans can be influenced by a myriad of extrinsic factors. For example, an extrinsic factor such as small aquarium size will sometimes elicit a "critical reaction" (Hediger, 1950).
Results based on data from 87 respondents indicated a three-factor structure among this population, including an intrinsic factor, an extrinsic factor, and another factor pertaining to satisfaction derived specifically from participating in vocational rehabilitation.
There may have been some extrinsic factor in my beguilement, which I am certain owed nothing to our common Arab background -- his, Lebanese Christian; mine, Egyptian Moslem.
The extrinsic factor reflects a motivational style which focuses on external rewards for coaching such as high salary or good benefits.