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Noun1.extropy - the prediction that human intelligence and technology will enable life to expand in an orderly way throughout the entire universe
forecasting, foretelling, prediction, prognostication - a statement made about the future
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This makes the arguments of the seven Principles of Extropy--principles of perpetual progress, self-transformation, practical optimism, intelligent technology, open society, self-direction, and rational thinking--where the term 'extropy' refers to the evolution of values and standards for the continuous improvement of the condition of human life, through science and technology, with the aim of increasing longevity (to the point of achieving immortality), vitality, diversity, and of the complexity of human nature (More 2013, 3-5; 1993, 15-7)--become the new model of personal development.
Drexler, Kurzweil, Moravec and their many allies in organisations like the Extropy Institute and Humanity [+.sup.2] are engaged in working towards what amounts to the production of a successor species; an evolutionary step beyond the human guided and directed by advanced technologies and provided for through massive investments by corporations like SoftBank, Google and Space X as well as the US government and the European Union (pp96-7).
Two cases were Dandy Walker Cysts with other anomalies, two cases were CHD with limb defects, two cases were ascites with microcephaly and others were cloacal extropy, corpus callosal agenesis and Anophthalmia one each.
The yeast has protein, fibre, selenium, zinc, and vitamin," says Christopher Clark, Dubai-based nutrition expert, chef, and author of Nutritional Grail (Extropy Publishing).
(40) Since the 1980s, the Extropy Institute has been a venue for transhumanist ideas.
That the atheist has the capacity for faith is elegantly illustrated by Michael Shermer in his account of a conference sponsored by the Extropy Institute:
(1994), "What If Uploads Come First: The Crack of a Future Dawn", Extropy 6(2).
(1) Entre las organizaciones transhumanistas mas destacadas se pueden contar la Asociacion Transhumanista Mundial, el Extropy Institute, el Foro y Asociacion Transhumanista "Fast and Astra" (Fastra), la Asociacion Transhumanista Internacional, etc.; y entre los sitios web mas visitados sobre el tema esta el www.transhumanism.org.