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Adj.1.extrovertive - being concerned with the social and physical environment
extraversive, extroversive - directed outward; marked by interest in others or concerned with external reality
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Extrovertive Mysticism reflects an experienced union with all things.
Extrovertive and Interpretation, but not the Introvertive factors tend to predict religious and psychological adjustment in Iranian Muslims (e.g., Hood et al., 2001).
The Mysticism Scale yields a total score based on three dimensions of mystical experience: noetic quality (e.g., "I have never experienced anything to be divine," reverse-scored); introvertive mysticism (e.g., "I have never had an experience which I was unable to express adequately through language," reverse-scored); and extrovertive mysticism (e.g, "I have had an experience in which I felt everything in the world to be part of the same whole").
Stace calls this the "extrovertive" vision, or the vision of nature.
In Part 2 Pike argues against modern attempts by Stace and others to collapse all mystical experiences (or at least those not classed as "extrovertive") into states of "undifferentiated unity," which Christian mystics only interpret theistically, under pressure from religious authorities.