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v. ex·u·vi·at·ed, ex·u·vi·at·ing, ex·u·vi·ates
To shed or cast off (a covering).
To shed or cast off exuviae; molt.

ex·u′vi·a′tion n.
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The low hormone levels affect the chitin synthesis and thus disturb the normal secretion and cuticular exuviation in treated specimens.
It is important to notice that although we didn't determine the intermolt stage of the shrimps at dissection, the cytological differences that occur at different stages in the molt cycle are due to the mobilization of reserves during the phases in which the animal does not eat (12 h before and 4 h after exuviation in this species) (Petriella, 1984).
Growth and exuviation of Norway lobster (Nephrops norvegicus) larvae reared in the laboratory.
It includes cell nutrients, powerful antioxidants and moisturisers, and has the ability to normalise cell renewal and exfoliation - the process of exuviation.
Moreover, since Gammarus fossarum cannot store Ca before exuviation, as is the case for most gammarids (Vincent 1963, Graf 1965, Wright 1979, 1980), the Ca turnover during the molt cycle may depend upon the Ca availability in the water.