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A nestling hawk or falcon, especially one to be trained for falconry.

[Middle English eias, from an eias, alteration of *a nias, an eyas, from Old French niais, from Latin nīdus, nest; see sed- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl asses
(Falconry) a nestling hawk or falcon, esp one reared for training in falconry
[C15: mistaken division of earlier a nyas, from Old French niais nestling, from Latin nīdus nest]


(ˈaɪ əs)

a nestling, esp. a young falcon taken from the nest for training.
Also, esp. Brit.,ey′ass.
[1480–90; variant of nyas, nias (a nyas taken as an eyas) < Middle French niais nestling < Vulgar Latin *nīdācem, acc. of *nīdāx, derivative of Latin nīdus nest]
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Noun1.eyas - an unfledged or nestling hawk
hawk - diurnal bird of prey typically having short rounded wings and a long tail
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