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Noun1.eye blink - a reflex that closes and opens the eyes rapidlyeye blink - a reflex that closes and opens the eyes rapidly
palpebration - repeated blinking or winking (especially if uncontrolled and persistent)
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"`Both eyes bright, she's all right; one eye blinks, down she sinks.'"
Basal tears are the protective soldiers that are on duty with every eye blink, fuelling our eyes and supporting everyday vision.
"The children were walking on both sides of the road, it happened like an eye blink, i saw the vehicle skidding before it veered off the road then stopped close to 20 meters away from the body" Vincent Maingi, who operates boda boda in the area told The Star.
Harsha Vardhan, "Automatic motion control of powered wheel chair by the movements of eye blink," in International Conference on Advanced Communication Control and Computing Technologies (ICACCCT), Ramanathapuram, India, 2014.
Set in a side street, hidden from the heart of the outdoor tables', stands a temple of baking decorated with the white flour dust, gently sizzling flat circles of dough moving between the pans at the speed of almost an eye blink. The team of several is joyfully busy at the bakery of renowned Syrian pan bread.
One important change is the perception of the external environment, while another factor is eye blink rate.
The performance of blind source separation (BSS) methods as independent component analysis (ICA) and CCA for EEG signal eye blink artifact removal is compared in [4] and concluded that CCA is more accurate and faster than ICA.
The eye detection is calculates the depth of the eye blink these are sensed by the electrodes that present in the sensor.
The company's first product, the noddle, detects voluntary gestures such as clicking sounds made with the tongue or an eye blink to control nurse call and speech generation devices.
EEG power spikes in response to each eye blink were identified.
Given that the most prevalent premonitory urges and tics relate to the eye blink [11], we induced an urge to blink by inducing sensations of dryness and itchiness to the eye, using air puffs as a proxy of the premonitory unpleasant itching sensations and urges to blink.