eye lens

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eye′ lens`

the lens of an eyepiece closest to the eye.
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Cataracts are an age-related clouding of the eye lens which leads to blindness, but some CCGs claim surgery is of "limited value".
Mondottica also highlighted 'Clara,' which is described as "a mask frame so modern in appearance that it will never go out of style." The ultra-flat, one piece cat's eye lens is embellished by a patterned metal trim.
In the control group, the mean diameter of right eye lens was 10.47 +- 0.48 um and left eye lens was 10.47 +- 0.47 um (table-I).
A number of others also use eye drops that deliver N-acetylcarnosine directly to the eye lens where cataracts occur.
How long before televisions are fitted with a fish eye lens, as well as bugging devices, that record all activity that happens in the living room?
Introduced in 1880, it consists of a cemented triplet field lens paired with a single-element biconvex or plano-convex eye lens. Widely available even today, orthoscopic eyepieces offer excellent sharpness, color correction, and contrast combined with a 40[degrees] to 45[degrees] apparent field of view.
The Greenland shark's eye lens contains proteins that formed when the shark was very young.
The mammalian eye lens continues to grow until death (Smith 1883, Krause 1934, Augusteyn 2007a) and hence the dry mass of the eye lens has commonly been used to estimate the age of mammalian species (Lord 1959, Dudzinski and Mykytowycz 1961, Dapson 1980, Mysterud and 0stbye 2006, Augusteyn 2007b).
Besides water soluble crystallins, eye lens also contains non crystallin proteins including various metabolic enzymes which are involved in protein, DNA, RNA biosynthesis and degradation (Hockwin and Ohrloff, 1981).
US-based implantable eye lens developer Staar Surgical Co.
In fact, I went whole hog and used an old competitive shooter's trick: My dominant eye lens is optimized for clarity at front sight distance, and my non-dominant eye lens is focused on infinity.