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adj. Informal
Eliciting wonder or astonishment: an eye-popping display of fireworks.

eye′-pop′per n.
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informal so amazing or astonishing as to make one's eyes protrude: an eye-popping spending spree.
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Adj.1.eye-popping - amazingly impressiveeye-popping - amazingly impressive; suggestive of the flashing of lightning; "the skater's dazzling virtuosic leaps"; "these great best canvases still look as astonishing and as invitingly new as they did...when...his fulgurant popularity was in full growth"- Janet Flanner; "adventures related...in a style both vivid and fulgurous"- Idwal Jones
impressive - making a strong or vivid impression; "an impressive ceremony"
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Ange Kouame starred for the Blue Eagles, scoring 24 points and grabbing an eye-popping 29 rebounds, 15 of which offensive, to key the win.
Even when she was in among the audience, she wore an eye-popping halterneck outfit which struggled to cope with her cleavage.
LAHORE -- A unique, immersive installation that leverages flexible, eye-popping commercial display technology from LG Electronics (LG), is wowing attendees at CES 2018.
I, Robot is an involving dystopian fantasy, which marries a taut plot and eye-popping special effects.
The annual 2016 edition of "Ripley's Believe It or Not!'s Eye-Popping Oddities is packed full of incredible photographs, unbelievable stories, and amazing facts, strange traditions, and weird collections, along and with thousands of crazy new oddities.
This revealing costume is much more like the eye-popping gear you see when Lady Gaga takes the stage.
London, Apr 26 ( ANI ): Holly Willoughby, who is famed for her sexy dressing sense and eye-popping display of cleavage, has revealed that she always wears an earthquake-proof bra now.
COULD a footballer ever have enjoyed a more eye-popping international debut than Dave Watson?
Spielberg directs and it's a breathlessly entertaining romp, littered with eye-popping action set pieces that would simply be unthinkable - not to mention astronomically expensive - as live action.
Capitalism and the Internet have teamed up to bring you an eye-popping selection of really affordable glass tile.
"Kitten's Spring" is a lovely bit of colorful freshness filled with eye-popping mixed -media page-filling illustrations and delicately rhyming text that will keep children ages 1-4 turning pages and following the story, both in text and picture.