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1. A small cup with a rim contoured to fit the socket of the eye, used for applying a liquid medicine or wash to the eye. Also called eye bath, eyeglass.
2. Embryology See optic cup.
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(Medicine) US and Canadian a small vessel with a rim shaped to fit round the eye, used for applying medicated or cleansing solutions to the eyeball. Also called (in Britain and certain other countries): eyebath
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a device for applying eyewash to the eye, consisting of a cup or glass with a rim shaped to fit snugly around the orbit of the eye.
[1870–75, Amer.]
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Noun1.eyecup - a small vessel with a rim curved to fit the orbit of the eyeeyecup - a small vessel with a rim curved to fit the orbit of the eye; use to apply medicated or cleansing solution to the eyeball; "an eyecup is called an eyebath in Britain"
vessel - an object used as a container (especially for liquids)
2.eyecup - (embryology) a two-walled cuplike depression that develops into the pigmented and sensory layers of the retina
caliculus, calycle, calyculus - a small cup-shaped structure (as a taste bud or optic cup or cavity of a coral containing a polyp)
embryology - the branch of biology that studies the formation and early development of living organisms
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n. copita para los ojos.
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The rear sight is Lee Shaver's Super Grade Soule-type sight with a Hadley eyecup.
It features a green eyecup to identify it, and has upgraded optics and new mirror technology protecting it from harsh chemicals in the bore.
Each eyepiece individually focuses, each uses a turn-and-slide eyecup to block stray light.
As soon as control recordings were completed, the same eyecup was treated with NiONP using calculated concentrations.
With the newly designed large eyecup, the visibility of LVF is dramatically improved.
The viewfinder is comfortable thanks to the rubber eyecup. On the right there is the SD card slot underneath a plastic door which has rubber lining on the inside.
I have been surprised at how many of these MNVDs don't have the threaded eyecup adapter ring or have a loose one ready to back off and fall off.
An LCD display and eyecup allow an operator to easily view the camera's image, even when wearing glasses, a face shield, or a gas mask.
The anterior portion of the eye, including cornea and lens, was removed; and the remaining retinal eyecup preparation was used for ERG recordings.
The eyecup viewfinder is also full color, unlike other camcorders whose viewfinders only display black and white.