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A small usually glass tube with a suction bulb at one end, used especially for administering liquid medicine into the eye by drops.
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(Medicine) a small tube with a nipple at one end, used to administer eyedrops
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(ˈdrɒp ər)

1. one that drops.
2. a glass tube with a hollow rubber bulb at one end and a small opening at the other for drawing in a liquid and expelling it in drops; eyedropper.
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n gotero, cuentagotas m
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Step 3: Use the eyedropper or pipette to add a drop of tap water to the surface of the penny.
Since these insects are so tiny, she sometimes needs a pipette, a tool that is similar to an eyedropper, to pick out individual insects.
Using the Eyedropper tool and holding the Shift key, I click on different parts of the area outside the Sun's disk until the Selection Preview displays a view with the background completely white and the solar disk blacked out.
Prepare to fight stains by putting together an emergency kit of Woolite, talcum, a sponge, rubbing alcohol, Shout spray, an eyedropper filled with one part vinegar and two parts water, and paper towels.
Isolated by language, her outsider status, a spate of small injuries, her seriousness in rehearsal plus a tendency, to tears, not to mention the usual resentments of rivals, Part was slow to climb, and ART doled her out with an eyedropper. But artists draw strength from isolation, and Part's key solos were astonishments, Diaghilev's ettonez-moi meets Vreeland's "Give them what they never knew they wanted." Who'd have thought one could love the third shade in La Bayadere, the most tortured of three solo variations?
Sending two "gender equality experts" to Iraq at this juncture at a cost of pounds 152,000 is like trying to put out a forest fire with an eyedropper.
Wherever he goes, he carries an eyedropper filled with a drug called Neverapine, which is known to reduce the risk of transmitting HIV/AIDS from an HIV-positive pregnant woman to her unborn child.
Ducks, on the other hand, are real finicky eaters and have to be fed with an eyedropper. Even when they're fed mealy worms and shrimp, they often refuse to eat.
After each session, subjects underwent a vaginal lavage consisting of approximately 250 [micro]L sterile saline applied with the tip of an eyedropper to the vaginal canal.
YOU NEED: * Eyedropper * Rubber tubing * 2 one-hole rubber or cork stoppers * 1 two-hole rubber or cork stopper * Plastic squeeze bottle * Cotton balls * Clear plastic tube * Small dish * Cleaning fluid or spot remover
Supplemental breast milk can also be given to the baby with a cup, spoon, syringe, or eyedropper. When supplementing in the first four months of life, it is best to avoid artificial nipples.
In captivity, bananas area favorite, although first fed the babies milk with an eyedropper, then lettuce, cat food and later dandelions and greens from outside before releasing them.