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Gouvernail was slim enough, but he wasn't very tall nor very cynical; neither did he wear eyeglasses nor carry his hands in his pockets.
Without saying anything, he took Katharine's letters out of her hand, adjusted his eyeglasses, and read them through.
He saw her come down the aisle, with Arthur and a strange young man with a football mop of hair and eyeglasses, the sight of whom spurred him to instant apprehension and jealousy.
The stout lady occasionally turned her head squarely around and surveyed Anne through her eyeglasses until Anne, acutely sensitive of being so scrutinized, felt that she must scream aloud; and the white-lace girl kept talking audibly to her next neighbor about the "country bumpkins" and "rustic belles" in the audience, languidly anticipating "such fun" from the displays of local talent on the program.
When actress Elaine Stritch told her she looked lovely during her visit to New York she joked: "You need eyeglasses!"
Even a month after his birth, Tiny Tim is the smallest of his litter - still little enough to fit in his owner's eyeglasses case.
But more than a decade would pass before I would gain any real insight into my modest discovery or fully exploit it by ordering eyeglasses that fully compensate for my nocturnal nearsightedness.
Some combat eyewear fits right over prescription eyeglasses. Others are designed just for soldiers who don't need eyeglasses.
Anna Rose can't imagine what she'd do without her eyeglasses. When she realized that many people in need of glasses could not afford them, she wanted to help.
According to "Customer Focus 2004: Optical," a report by Vertis, a provider of targeted advertising, media and marketing services, 15% of consumers purchase their prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses from discount outlets, compared with 14% who opt for national optical stores.
In the early 1930s, as a 13-year-old student with five brothers and sisters, she struggled to read what teachers wrote on the blackboard because she needed eyeglasses that her father could not afford.
Here's something new and useful: a lie detector small enough to fit in your eyeglasses. Originally developed by a mathematician for use by military and law enforcement, V Entertainment is repackaging this technology for personal and corporate applications.