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eye patch

or eye·patch  (ī′păch′)
A pad or shield of cloth worn over an eye socket or an injured eye to protect it or over a healthy eye in the treatment of amblyopia.
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Noun1.eyepatch - a protective cloth covering for an injured eyeeyepatch - a protective cloth covering for an injured eye
cloth covering - a covering made of cloth
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Zendaya's guarded intelligence and Sam Jackson's looks of disgust (for a man with an eyepatch, Nick Fury can glower) are the real assets here, just as the Avengers' personalities ended up being the biggest draw in The Avengers .
Long after Madonna has discarded the eyepatch, she will remain a bride married to amazement.
The 60-year-old singer who looked gorgeous in a sparkling blazer, bustier, silk shorts and her signature Madame X eyepatch -- also spoke about using art as activism in 2019's divisive socio-political climate and joked about the possibility of running for president.
WITH her bejewelled eyepatch, raunchy new video and typically no-nonsense attitude, there is no escaping Madonna as she hits the comeback trail.
MADONNA'S rendition of Like A Prayer at the Eurovision Song Contest in Israel wasn't an eyepatch on her usual stellar performances.
The 60-year-old pop star is known for her elaborate style and she stayed true to form by donning a pirate-like eyepatch.
Her carefully chosen outfit, complete with sequinned eyepatch, was made all the more wonderful thanks to hilarious comment from Graham Norton, who quipped "what a trooper Madonna is, turning up despite a nasty case of conjunctivitis".
The soundtrack picks are choice No Doubt, TLC, Garbage, Elastica, Hole, and other girl-fronted '90s outfits and there are plenty of goodies and Easter egg details that will make fans go gaga, such as the origin of the Tesseract and Nick Fury's eyepatch. The '90s flashback allows us some of that trademark Marvel cultural wit.
Donning the black eyepatch, which became Colvin's trademark after she lost the sight in one eye in a grenade blast in Sri Lanka, Pike delivers a fearless and ferocious lead performance as a champion of civilian casualties.
It shows Children in Need mascot Pudsey with his trademark eyepatch, wearing tartan trousers.
Rosamund Pike as Marie Colvin with, above, Tom Hollander as Sunday Times foreign editor Sean Ryan and left, in the danger zone and wearing an eyepatch as many will remember her